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AMS CDT Welcomes the 2016 Cohort

The last two weeks have been very busy for the Advanced Metallic Systems CDT as we welcomed our new 2016 cohort. This group bring with them a broad spectrum of knowledge from various disciplines which include chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering. From their collective previous experiences, and from further training in metallic materials here at the CDT, the 2016 cohort will be well equipped to encounter and address problems facing businesses in the metallurgy sector. 

Cressbrook Hall 2016
To allow the cohort to get to know each other and encourage them to work together as a team, we took the group on a residential trip to Cressbrook Hall in the Peak District. The picturesque grounds and peaceful country paths made for a perfect setting for the group to bond. During the two day residential, the group took part in a ranger lead walk through the Peak District, completed a series of team problem solving activities run by Acclimbatize, met several members of the AMS CDT management group, and were introduced to the technical and development skills they will enhance over their four years spent with us.

Later in induction week 1, the cohort attended a practical introduction to metallurgy with Dr Richard Thackray, the AMS CDT’s course director. They then had the opportunity to use the SEM’s in the Materials lab of Sheffield University’s new Engineering teaching facility, The Diamond,  to view their samples at a microscopic level.  

Diamond Visit 2016 Cohort
In induction week 2, the 2016 cohort had the opportunity to attend their first site visit to British Steel’s 2,000-acre integrated steel plant in Scunthorpe. Here, two knowledgeable retired steelworkers showed the cohort around the site, including a tour of the BOS plant and medium section mill. It was a pleasure for our students to visit a British Steel plant, and as an industrial collaborator it is a fantastic opportunity for the students to see industrial metallurgy in action. 

Scunthorpe British Steel Visit 2016
Now that the 2016 cohort are registered and have been introduced to the department it is time for teaching to begin! Welcome to the Advanced Metallics System CDT, 2016 cohort! We hope you have a successful and enlightening time with us.

Advanced Metallic System CDT Management Group